Mark Mulder’s Memorial Remarks

Greetings;  I am Mark Mulder, David’s Uncle.  This is not an audience participation speech, but each person who has come so far has greeted you.  It helped me in my career as an elementary principal to receive a greeting from my audience,so I am asking you to say hello to me and to let David know you are here for him today.
   I want to say these words for David and for my brother Mike,my sister Susan, and my niece Joanna.
   I am more fortunate than some because every time I was with David I saw the real (original self) David, the one we all loved so much.
  You may not know …. I have a motor cycle… it’s 10 years old and in all that time I have had only 2 riders…… Jen and David….. Oh sure John drove it, but not Al, Marty, not Nikki, or Dan or Emily, or Stephanie, not Tony…….  and not Mike, Susan or Joanna !!!!
Only David
    But that afternoon with David on my back what fun we had.  He was excited, laughing, and saying “Wheeeeee!!!!” and “Whoaaaaaa!”   That ride helps me to reflect on the true David I knew.  So excited to be one with his Uncle Mark on that bike.
    These words expose the David that I knew: kind, considerate, excited (can you see it in his beautiful blue eyes?), tender, loving, caring, strong (really strong…  the arm wrestling matches, my shoulder out; the scale), caring and teasing  “Oh , come on Uncle Mark, that joke was so terrible!!!!!”  Then we spent the afternoon laughing it up.
     Ok, now I’m out of words, but I had to tell you about my nephew who we will all miss so much.

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