Phil Ginocchio’s Memorial Remarks

What happened to Dave is a tragedy, but the story of Dave is not a sad one because he lives in all of us. You always knew where you stood with Dave. He was a very honest and forth coming person. Everything he did was very methodical, and thought over with Dave. So when I asked him if he wanted to take a trip with me to Saint Paul Minnesota,  Dave went through in his head, his usual to do list, which includes- in no particular order :
Clean clothes, Nautica cologne, Polo shirts, Eminem cds, big designer sunglasses that covered half his face, Camera, keys, timberland boots, hoodies, money, money for cigarettes, travelers checks, and a 30 pack of Busch light.

So were stayin’ at the embassy suits, they have free breakfast, happy hour, and even ducks in the lobby. We Were both thinkin’, yeah this how we get down. So were drinkin’, havin a good time, night comes– time to get some sleep. Dave’s out like a light. In all my years, I’ve never heard another man snore like that. I literally had to take the mattress and move it in the other room to sleep. I told Dave in the morning and he said “so sorry bro,” and then informed me that he had an anti-snoring machine at home, but forgot to pack it. Needless to say, the jokester that dave is, the next few nights he was trying to get to sleep before me on purpose, so I could hear that lovely snore.

I guess the point is no one is ever fully prepared, even Dave. And for something as un-foreseen and tragic as this we were blindsided.

A lot of his friends out here call Dave Boulder and I think the reason for that is cause he’s a rock. He’s a rock for you to lean on. No matter who you are, if you needed a hand in anyway, Dave was always the first person there.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin, the amount of times he’s been there for me in my life.

His loyalty, love, generosity, compassion, and caring nature for others always shined through his condition.
It is not a sad story because the time we had together is never forgotten and he will always live on through all of us – through the moments we shared together.

I Love you bro, always and forever

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