Messages Written in David’s Memory Books

“I remember feeling like the coolest girl in school getting a rare morning ride to Middle school in D’s car with his over-sized base speakers blaring Rap and R&B. This caused quite a stir as the three princesses of Princeton climbed out! This accomplished two things: 1) Made us feel super cool (maybe not Jo as she was embarrassed) 2) Sent a message to all the boys not to mess with us as we had a protector no one would want to cross. Little did they know D is a sweetheart. However, D did give me his cell number and told me to call him if I was ever in trouble.” – Mary Kawooya (Breffeilh)

“Dave, boy oh boy I miss our crazy get-togethers but I will never forget about the night we all went out on a Sunday and spent $250 and made me miss work- lol. I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart. Love, Ashli”

“I remember I was hanging out with Dave and I told him I was hungry. He said, ‘Don’t worry, take this frozen food home and anytime you don’t have anything to eat–call me.'” -Junior

“Dave and I met at the Keg by bumping into each other and nearly going toe-to-toe. ‘What’s your problem, dude?’ he said (me being the belligerent aggressor). Phil walks up behind me and says, ‘Dave?’ Once Dave recognized Phil and the two of them greeted each other, Phil calmed the situation down and introduced me to Dave. The rest is history. He was very well connected. I’m glad it worked out the way it did, as a result, a lasting friendship was formed. I miss him very much. May his demons be conquered in the spirit world. Rest in peace, man. Love, Shane Pratt”

“Dave, I remember the days and nights with you. Some days we would wake up and have breakfast, and some we had dinner as well. But there was never a dull moment!! We spent a lot of time together that I will never forget. From watching the Hawks to the Bulls game. I’ll never forget how you took me in when I had no where to go. And for that I love you and thank you. I miss you more than ever, bro. Love everything about you! You’ll be in our hearts forever and ever. Love your roommate, JR”

“Of all the times I hung out with David and John, two memories stand out the most: 1) Watching a playoff Blackhawks game at your house while John was attempting to explain the rules of hockey to me. He was so excited about the game and was at least nice about my ignorance; 2) Going to Bar Louie to celebrate David’s birthday where the bar was nice enough to continually play Eminem. He very much enjoyed it. We very much wish he could celebrate with us today but treasure our memories with him. Love Amanda”

“When I think of David I remember his smile. When he smiled I knew everything was all right, and it felt like home. We had a lot of great memories together…driving to school, playing video games late into the night in the “cave,” late-night talks about life in Iowa, and many others. But these three memories stand out though they are nothing special: 1) David and I would play basketball. Neither of us was very good, but we would play all summer until it was too dark to see. I miss those games. 2) Going to Miller. David loved Miller, and so did I. Although we went several times, I distinctly remember playing football or frisbee in the water, walking on the beach, and eating Susan’s famous beach sandwiches. I’ve tried to make those sandwiches, but they never taste the same. 3) When David moved to Iowa City. I couldn’t believe it when he did, because I knew how much he loved Indiana, but I knew he had a hard time there, and was looking forward to righting the ship at Iowa. Obviously things didn’t work out as planned, but I still cherish the 8 months we lived together at Church & Dodge. Although there were touch times, the good far outweighed the bad. We became closer than we ever were before, and I still remember how excited I was that my best friend was coming to Iowa City. I miss David but cherish our memories.” -John Breffeilh

“I have so many memories it is hard to fit all my thoughts on one page! I remember when me, Ashli, and Dave went out to eat at TGI Friday’s. We had a really good night: just talked, and laughed about life all night. It was one of those moments when there were not to many people around, and it gave me a chance to get to know my good friend Dave a little better. There had been several times when we had good nights, but that night was one of the most recent nights before everything happened. I looked forward to all those nights and every moment we spent. Love, Anthony Lenoir”